ParticleSystem .clone gravity works the first time on a particle system but not the 2nd

as you can see once the first clone happens to the particle system, the embers fly up and to the side as expected, the 2nd time it happens they go all around the screen like crazy, its almost like it lost the gravity setting? but when looking at the new system the gravity is set correctly.

This is really strange indeed… I ll see if I can find it else I ll summon our particle and babylon master @Deltakosh

Disposing of the sphere is the problem, I don’t know why…

Even stopping / disposing the particle system before disposing of the sphere does not correct the problem.

Disposing the sphere is disposing the associated particle system so it also disposes the associated textures. Those are actually not cloned but kept by ref it looks like. So basically, the noise is not used anymore on the new system.

I ll see if there is an easy fix or I ll provide you a workaround.


PR in progress, this should be in soon - ish :slight_smile:


Building the nightly and a npm update


awesome thank you guys so much for getting this in!