PBRCustomMaterial shader fails to compile only when using WebGPU

Hi team,

In need of a PBR splatmap/terrain material, i found this one,

made by @Raggar i believe.
It works in webgl1 & 2, but fails to compile in webgpu.

Errors are very generic.

Unable to compile effect:
…shader code block
Error: GLSL compilation failed
Trying next fallback.
Unable to compile effect:
…shader code block

Any ideas?

You can’t pass samplers to functions in WebGPU (when converting glsl to wgsl). A simple way to deal with it is to tag a function with #define inline to instruct Babylon to inline the function:

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Thanks! this fixes the compilation errors, but the results are now different :slightly_frowning_face:

I was cleaning up a bit in the code earlier.

This is because the inlining process isn’t foolproof, it’s string-based and quite simple.

In this case, there’s a collision with variable names after inlining: there’s a uv1 variable (as well as uv2/uv3) declared in the main function and a uv1 variable (uv2/uv3) in the col function.

To solve the problem, you can rename uv1/uv2/uv3 in the col function:

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Brilliant, thanks so much!

Shaders still make my mind hurt :joy:

Here’s the so-far cleaned up version for anyone interested in the future.
I simplified it, made it static (4x4) 16 texture support with a (2x2) 4-in-1 splatMap.