PDF file reader on mesh

I want to read PDF file on button click which needs to work on Xr mode also but can access on one page from 50.
Anyone give me suggestions on how can I read pages one by one.

Maybe relying on WebXR DOM Overlays Module and the destination url for PDF

@RaananW might have a better idea.


Working now Tnks

I am not able to resize the mode in Xr Mode anyone has an example related to this
I am using Gizmo feature for that bu not working on my Gltf file

It could be plenty of things… please provide a repro in the playground and it would be great if you start a new topic for it as it can help while searching for previous solutions in the forum :slight_smile:

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Tnks will do


Moved to questions (as it is not a bug).

About he gizmos - if they work in desktop mode they should work in XR, but it really depends on what you are trying to do. An example will be helpful.