Per vertex lighting

I’ve been reading through Unity’s optimisation recommendations here: Unity - Manual: Optimizations
In it they recommend that for mobile devices you only use one pixel light and the rest of the lights should be vertex lights.
Does Babylon.js support per vertex lights as an optimisation?


Gouraud shading (per vertex lights) is not something we support as Babylon.js demos / apps are 99.9% of the time not GPU bound. This will be interesting to support in a GPU bound scenario

It is also something easy to add with NME


Thanks @Deltakosh, I’ve not looked at the NME before, so its good to hear that it should be some help and I’m looking forward to learning about it.
As my app is for the Oculus Quest I’m currently both CPU and GPU limited. My initial focus will be on using worker threads to help with the CPU load, but I will need to look into GPU load soon after too.

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