Performant volumetric clouds

three.js examples ← threejs has this nice performant volumetric clouds examples; I’m wondering if we have anything that’s equivalent? is this the closest thing?

and we think it will work on the quest 2, especially if a lot of other stuff is going on in the scene…

Babylon.js does support 3D textures, so the 3js example can be ported. There are also some examples on that could also be ported.

I think that is currently beyond my level (adaptation) (though, I keep thinking about learning glsl…). For the above example, do you think I could get away with making like idk about 10 “cloud formations” inside of the quest2, with a lot of other stuff going on, without destroying the performance? I’m imagining I’d have to use the GPU particles. Or, do you think this is a fool’s errand.

Yes, I think your best bet is to use GPU particles. Or, if after testing the performance is not ok, you can try to simply stack some transparent pictures to simulate a cloud as in: