Persistent 3d drawing demo unity

I was trying to replicate this demo which was done in unity.

the only idea that came to me was that this was done on a plane with some kind of ray casting, but i felt like there was more to it lol

here’s what i have

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This is great !!!


Thanks !! :slight_smile:

Looks like this initial distance is set to something specific then it just keep drawing on a plane that normal is an invert of the cameras forward.

Then if one of the raycasts hits a object it sets the depth of the plane to that distance for a time threshold/ end of input of some kind it seems.

You are really really close to what they did, They are also using ribbons instead of a line system but otherwise great work as ususal!

<3 keep up the good work.

Ohh also I am still sitting on your resume, waiting for the right time to bring you up.

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Yeah the mechanism is tricky! Thanks for pointing that out!

Hahah appreciate it!

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Lol, don’t steal @waverider404 from the frame team! :grin: we love him

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Awww thanks!! : )