Physics and transformed meshes (polygons)

I want to create a level made of polygons and enable physics. I need to transform the coordinates from a custom pixel coordinate system to bjs’s coordinate system.

It seems that the collision detection breaks when transforming. (For this demonstration I did not use TransformNode.)

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Pinging @RaananW


Try updating the rock positions only once, and before creating the physics impostor:

Level with polygons (rocks) and physics | Babylon.js Playground

If created afterwards, any change will not be registered by the physics engine.

Hi, the solution in the accepted answer worked once. Currently there seems to be a problem with the collision detection in the Playground.

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Seems to be an issue with ammo. Works well with cannon ( Level with polygons (rocks) and physics | Babylon.js Playground (
There were a few changes made lately, I will wait for @Cedric to check and let us know what the issue is

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Might be related to my latest changes. I’m taking a look.

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PR no delta for static bodies ammojs by CedricGuillemet · Pull Request #11373 · BabylonJS/Babylon.js · GitHub