Physics animations of Oimo.js in BJS is quite strange

I encountered problems just right now with oimo.js physics engine: using Hinge Joint & setMotor to drive the car wheel, and the wheel’s animation is shaking a lot, very strange.
And when I changed to use cannon js physics engine, the strange problem is gone.
I think this is a bug, hope the BJS team could fix it. I am using BJS v4.1.
Thanks a lot.

Those physics engines all have subtle differences.

Adding @Cedric who is well versed in those :slight_smile:

Winsun… this is well-argued/never-located OimoJS problem with the maxForce second parameter of setMotor(speed, HERE). Last I knew… it needs to be a HUGE value.

HUGE discussion with little/no resolution…here…

(sorry for this bad news). WAY down at bottom of thread, SOME work-arounds were found… by going WAY down to joint.shapeA and shapeB… and removing MASS settings on shapes at THAT level… which were seen to be FAR inflated beyond sanity.

After those “native tweaks”, THEN the hinge motors started working without “the jitters”… at a much more sane maxForce value (such as 3 instead of 1,000,000).

We never found the problem… but we DID manage to see at what version of BJS… this problem came into existence. Find it, fix it, and you become a super hero, and Oimo setMotor becomes usable again, and Oimo becomes valuable to us again.

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Thanks for reply, Wingnut.
This is a bug of, Oimo.js or BJS…, i dont know.
But I think if such a bug exist, we need to be told, as this problem waste me two days time.
I wish I could fix the library’s bug, too. But I am still a newbie at these technics.
Maybe somedays later… :slight_smile:

Wanna show us what you mean? Maybe it’s possible to solve it