Physics At Home - New game release!

Physics at Home is an new simple game that explores physics concepts in a 3D home environment.

The game is available in both English and Portuguese languages.

Credits: Physics at House was made by Students and Teachers of Federal Institute of Paraná - Telêmaco Borba (BRAZIL). Of the courses: Undergraduate Program In Physics and Technical Course in Digital Game Programming.


Direct link: Physics at Home

Host website: Física na Casa - Física Games


Muito massa! The house environment looks very nice and it’s a very cool idea to show how physics concepts are part of our everyday lives :slight_smile:

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Valeu, obrigado!
At the school where I work, I have a class focused on 3D modeling. Each room in the house was assigned to be modeled by different groups of students. Within each group, the students divided the tasks for modeling the furniture with free style.