PhysicsImpostor: How are mutual restitution and friction computed?

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I’m looking for some documentation on how mutual restitution and friction are computed?
With each contact of two impostors, there are always two values of each participating, In my case, one of the impostors has mass=0.

restitution and friction are basically properties of the contact of two objects itself, so I suppose the actual collision response is somehow calcuated from the restitution and friction of both objects?

How are restitution and friction of the colliding object influenced by restitution and friction of the static one?

That is, e.g., what is the friction in a contact of an object with high friction on a ground with low friction?

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This is the way cannon is calculating the friction:

Materials are being defined automatically by babylon. You can also create a custom material between two bodies (instead of material per body), but this is a native cannon behavior that we don’t support.

This is the way oimo is doing it:

I have to admit that I don’t know Ammo well enough to answer that regarding ammo, but since it is basically bullet, maybe this could help: Friction Coefficients for Bullet Physics | Thought Spike


Thank you @RaananW! This is exactly what I was looking for. I’m with Cannon. Did some experiments backing that it actually works like that :).

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