PhysicsImpostor Offset

Hi all,

I have a little issue with my physicsImpostor, as it seems that setDeltaPosition actually changes the position of the mesh. Quick playground example here:

Is it possible to set an offset for my physicsimpostor, without changing the position of the mesh? (I know in this case it doesn’t make much sense, but I tried to show the isolated problem).

hmm…interesting. Even if it worked the other way around, where the mesh stays in the correct position, and the physics imposter is the one that’s moved, wouldn’t the end result be the same?

I guess the short answer is no. Once you add a physics imposter, it because the “parent” which drives the mesh. So another way to think about it is to use the setDeltaPosition, but offset the mesh the same amount of units in the opposite direction when setting it’s original position.

Maybe I’m not fully understanding what you’re trying to accomplish?

May be we should start with this. Personally, I can’t have this reading of what you are trying to achieve.

Sorry now that I look back at my post, I agree it’s very unclear. PirateJC kudos for figuring out my intention though, and you made a great point. Yes that’s exactly what I’ll do!

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For reference, here’s that concept in action: