Pinball Game with Havok Physics

Hi Guys,

Here’s a pinball game I’ve made with Babylon utilizing havok physics. If anyone is interested, I can make a playground with the basic physics set up.

Neanderthal Pinball

Have a play and let me know what you think!



The game didnt load first time around , error above. I reloaded the page and it seemed to get passed this and then loaded some audio files and it was ready :wink:

Well done , im sure it took some effort to get this far!

you should try look into the relative scales of all things real world pinball table when building a digital versions. For example the ball size. Your ball is way too small. ( I have personal experience building pinball tables and have been involved in the digital pinball communities over several years )

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This is super impressive! Great work @Tr909 !
cc @eoin

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I’m glad that the neanderthals also had something to play with! Funny naming. Super game! :smiley:

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Woah, really good! Everything fits together so nicely: art, sounds, ui, the font even; and physics obviously. Master class. Also interesting mouse controls, never seen that before in a pinball. The only thing where I thought “hm” was the high zoom level. A bit closer maybe?

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This is really looking great !!!

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Very nice, I’m impressed by the physics, params are very well set ! Good job !
Also sound design is nice :smiley:

Some possible improvements I see :

  • The ball is invisible when ready to be launched. We should be able to see it being inserted in the launcher
  • Maybe you should reduce the bouncyness (“restitution” ?) of the launcher. I like to put just enough speed in the ball to reach the top, but if the balls come back then it bounces on the launcher and we need to wait for it to stop bouncing before a relaunch
  • Camera : as said above, maybe zooming a little bit would be nice

What do you plan for the future of this nice project ?

See you ++

Thanks for the log! I must not be waiting for something to load properly, I’ll take a look.

Also - good to know you’ve got some experience with pinball, I might send you a message if I have another crack at a pinball game!

Thanks for the feedback! Yes, I cut a few corners with the launcher so that’s something I need to go back to the drawing board for next time.

I think for this particular project, I’m just going to fix it so that it works on my phone (iPhone 11) and then call it finished. In the future, I’d like to make a new version with a much more interesting and fun play field.

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Nice, I like the graphics!
How did you do the sound for the rolling ball?

so fun


I make the sound for the rolling ball by doing the following -

  • I play a short, looped sound of a marble rolling while the ball is in contact with the ground
  • The pitch and volume of the loop increase depending on how fast the ball is moving
  • Also, a clicking sound with a random pitch is played whenever the ball bounces on the ground or walls. This click has the high frequencies filtered out and is lower in volume depending on the impulse of the collision.

Hope that helps!


Can you make a basic scene with the physics? Wow this is an amazing physics template

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No problem, here’s a playground with an early prototype showing the basic physics -


Is there any tutorials you used to learn the Havok physics engine with Babylon.js? I am looking into how to implement some code for a VR experience. (A first person shooter)

Looks great, but at 144 mhz it seems a little to fast to play! Other then that it seems like this could be pretty fun.

well i dont have that to test myself but I can say this :

Most pinball simulations or emulations are way to slow! The ball many times is floatly like it is full of air and the table surface friction like its syryp haha.

Real world pinball is fast Sure sometimes the ball is moving around slow but when its moving fast , its fast! here is a video as an example , take note of the ball speeds , when at max rebounds or flipper shots off the “meat of the bat”