Piping "live-sound" into babylonjsvr env

is there an out of the box solution for taking “live-sound” (e.g. happening in abelton) and piping it into a babylonjs environment? I think the docs are about pre-recorded sounds/music.

How to Stream Audio into the Engine - #5 by missionz3r0 ← maybe this is the answer

Babylon.js Playground ← so this gets the mic, we think, can I just play stuff on my speakers and then other people who log into the env will hear it? will it sound terrible? that’s from the above thread

there are some weird errors in the console…

Is your goal to share your mic input with other players like a multiplayer game with in game chat ?

If yes you need to rely on WebRTC which can be plug in babylon via the sound stream.

The scope and infra of webrtc for audio/video sharing is a bit outside of babylon but I bet the community might be able to provide some assist :slight_smile:

http://jsfiddle.net/MarijnS95/qHWM7/6/ theoretically this fiddle just takes your soundcard stream, but I can’t get it to work

You should look into getUserMedia which returns a promise and can only be called in a safe context ?

that’s in there, I think it’s a settings problem, for win 10, he’s saying you have to “set the stereo mix default to microphone” and I can’t find that setting or any information on how to do that when I search for it

anyway fixed that, now get an audio context error

anyway, this is turning into a rabbit hole, if anyone has default code to pipe in the sound card into a babylonjs sketch I’d like to see it