Pixel perfect sprites?

Does Babylon have something equivalent to Unity’s Pixel Perfect Camera?

Using SpriteManager I can get close with Texture.NEAREST_SAMPLINGMODE but it’s not pixel perfect.

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I don’t think we have something like that, but if you can explain what it should do maybe we can find a way (I must say I didn’t understand what is the purpose of pixel perfect mode from the Unity’s docs…).

So the pixel perfect camera ensures that there’s no artifacts in sprites no matter the resolution.

I have a pixel art sprite that when animated has noticeable artifacts. Any way to have a sprite output to the screen as if it was upscaled with absolutely no filtering?

I guess I would need to see side by side a pixel perfect / not perfect sprite to understand what it’s supposed to do. Maybe others have a more clearer view than me about how this feature should be implemented?


I will put a small example together eventually but this describes the problem in depth:

Closing this thread in favor of Sprite pixel art artifact issue?