Playground and CDN down?

I cant get to either. Since last night … But no problem elsewhere. Just me? -scott

EDIT: seems to be up for me now, so nvm. Thanks everyone for checking. Verizon had outage issues in Boston area this morning, so that’s probably the cause

looks good here :frowning: @RaananW and @carolhmj can you try as well ???

Might be a Verizon issue. tracert stops there… Also maybe an MS thing, Thanks for checking @Sebavan

Playground fine here :thinking:

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I get green from all checkpoints, no issue on azure as well.
Let us know when it is back, and if you know - what was the problem

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So it seems at least ok from US Brazil France and Germany :slight_smile: which covers already quite a bit :frowning: I would suspect smthg on your side @doctor3d

it’s green from 40 different endpoints from around the turtle carrying the disc.

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