Playground from Audio documentation seems odd

Hi. I noticed something weird about this playground demonstrating audio play on click.

This is from the documentation about handling audio files with babylon here.

The thing is that the sound plays only when you click outside of the canvas. That seems a little odd, since the whole point is to use it within a Babylon environment, right ? Wouldn’t it be more appropriate if the sound played on a pointerDownObservable() callback instead of a window.eventListener ?

(also the gunshot plays each time you click somewhere to edit the playground, and this kind of gets old real fast :stuck_out_tongue: )

I’d submit a PR but wanted to hear some opinions first.

I attach gunshot sounds to my keydown events all the time. Keeps me very alert!

Thanks for letting us know :slight_smile: this is a very old playground and is obviously outdated. If you want to submit a new playground to the doc page, please do! it will be a great help.

I’ll look into it !