Playground "Run" button shortcut

Hey folks! Is there any shorcut to fast run script in playgroynd without using mouse?

I don’t believe that there is. ctrl-u the page and scroll to line 75. You can find the run button in html.
html buttons don’t have a shortcut unless there is some js involved.

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Maybe @Deltakosh could add a shortcut for the button.

Not shortcut so far but if someone is motivated to add some I will gladly merge the PR :slight_smile:

try adding accesskey="r" to the button in html. I can’t use github on my school’s chromebook but that would make alt+r run the code

found here: Tryit Editor v3.6
the only problem is that load unsafe scripts pops up in the chrome webpage bar.

Here is an example that I made: Bjs playground run button shortcut
Click the button, or do alt+r; Click the run button up top or refresh the page to try the other method.

Made a PR for this one.
Better late than never, I guess :upside_down_face:


Haha thanks! I only had one question on the PR