How to get the perfect outline

I tried several methods, but the results were not very good;

I just need the outline of ground !!!

May I just ask what for you is “the perfect outline”?
You have 5 methods (may be more) to make an outline of your mesh. I can see you tried your luck on 3 already.
I believe two more would be using the line system to create lines around your ground.
The other would be get adjacent vertices and color them.

So, what should your perfect outline look like? Blured, sharp, thick, tiny, displaced?

Please ignore that the line segment is not straight

I want it to look like this

I’ve seen other PGS on the forums, but I can’t reproduce some of the effects

I see. Ideally, you would use the edge rendering but there’s an issue with objects not having smooth edges. This issue is described here and here.
A solution can be found in this PG

Else, applying this method on sharp edges will turn like this

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The minimizeVertices function is now part of the core as ‘forceSharedVertices’ so PG is now


Awesome. :yum:Thx for the info. Bookmarked it. Makes things just so much easier :smiley:

What if there are multiple meshes in the scene

I also think the outline approach looks like copying a source mesh and hiding it behind the source mesh with depth properties. This is why there is no stroke below ground in the image

You can solve this with a thin box

This is the best I can achieve with the two meshes

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This might seem like a bad idea to implement in Blender if you just use existing apis

I have also used this function of three.js, but it is implemented in the late stage, and the calling process is complicated

Is this still a question or some sort of feature request? Thx,