Point Cloud w/ textured particles

@Evgeni_Popov is the any way to have a sprite/texture at each particle in a point cloud? I see the uv args, but seems like there need to be additional args for a full rectangle/square in the texture?

No, you can get and change the colors / uvs through the colors and uvs getters but you can’t display a sprite at each point directly. You can still get the positions of the point and draw any mesh at these locations, though. Maybe a SolidParticleSystem would be a better fit for what you are trying to do?

@Evgeni_Popov after looking at SPS, it refers me to sprites. Which kinda makes sense to me. Do sprites get mip mapped? Maybe I’m looking at this playground wrong? When zooming in/out, do I see aliasing? Any way I can antialias sprites more/further?

By default the texture is loaded without mipmaps.

You can pass null for the url parameter of the SpriteManager constructor and set the texture yourself:

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When using PointsCloudSystem is there any way to post process or blur things to get a better antialiasing effect?

Yes, you can use any post process, like FXAA for example.