Pointer in webxr is... short? 1ft. need it to be infinite

hi, for some reason, the webxr pointer is very short, whereas, I want it to extend infinitely…

I’m not sure how/why I shortened it by accident.

I’m going for this kind of dynamic (I can tag a cube from far away bring it to me and throw it): https://www.instagram.com/p/CQb23OQlSJ0/

Usually, my pointer is infinite, so I must have done something, but hard to figure out what… I’ve looked at my code carefully, and can’t find anything. So, I guess I’m asking what I should be looking for to fix this.


I have a sphere surrounding the player; I made this sphere very small now, and it means that now “sometimes” the pointer extends infinitely. I almost have the feeling that it is pointing to and/or hitting invisible objects… so I’m currenly investigating what that’s about…

I’m realizing I may have another helper object around the player that is continuing to cause other interference; chasing it down; yeesh… OK, I’m going to define this as solved; it must be caused by my helper meshes…


it was caused by helper meshes; this was way trixsy

the more you know ¯_(ツ)_/¯


I love waking in the morning to solved questions on the forum :slight_smile:

You can always mark the helper mesh as non-pickable (mesh.isPickable = false), it will then be ignored by the Ray.


Definitely getting to that point in the project where I’m creating fun new problems for myself by accident; re-factoring is at hand.