PolygonMeshBuilder.prototype.wallbuilder in Typescript

I have been porting the build house from floor plan code to typescript but cannot find a way to add the wallBuilder method to PolygonMeshBuilder since it uses the prototype and this method is no longer valid for TypeScript.

PolygonMeshBuilder.prototype.wallBuilder = function (w0, w1) {

FloorPlan Code JS - https://www.babylonjs-playground.com/#1Z71FW#44

my ported code - Port of wallBuilder and buildHouseFromFloorPlan to Typescript - BabylonJS · GitHub

Has this been ported to the typescript package, or is there some alternative?

Another issue is that access to _points is no longer available since it has been defined as a private property so how would I get around that?

Pinging @JohnK

WallBuilder was written as an exercise in using Babylonjs and put in the docs as an example as what could be achieved with BJS. It was never intended to be anything more. As it says in the into Introduction to Snippets - Babylon.js Documentation

they are just to give ideas which expand on the examples in the documentation.

I do not know enough about Typescript to suggest how it is added as a method. However the following solves the private variable problem.

The same result is now achieved using public methods https://www.babylonjs-playground.com/#1Z71FW#54 with the use of vertexData.

Good luck with your project.