Position small imported mesh in corner of camera view, like my AxesViewer?

So i want to position a mesh of a player character in one of the corners of my view.
For the AxisViewer and other purposes i already found a solution by someone else some months ago.

Now i want to position my player model like that AxisViewer but kinda do not get it right.

I made an example Playground with an old simpler mesh and the AxisViewer. I also added a normal box, to barely represent what i want to achieve. So there where that white box is should the imported mesh be: https://playground.babylonjs.com/#R6297F#33

I already tried some stuff but yeah this is one try and it kinda does not work as i thougth:

i changed the position and size of the white box, where the mesh was/is placed while loading.
then i import the mesh, buffer it and when it’s imported i the append the “RegisterbeforeRender”.
Within that i do the positioning of the axesViewer and try to change the position of all meshes to the axesViewer position… but it totally freezes everything.

Also tried this, and it worked:

But i then tested another object with the second Playground, but now the modell is only in that corner when you zoom very close to the box:

Idk why it does not work with the second model, i made both the same way.
The only difference is their size, that first is 10mm and the second 1.5mm
Any help is appreciated, also hints what i could try.

Only positioning the Root-Node does work perfectly

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