Possibility to use Mesh.increaseVertices() on custom meshes without vertexData.uvs?

I was attempting to increase facet density on a custom-created mesh defined with no UVs when Babylon threw a VertexData contains null entries warning.

Looking at the source code, I concluded that my mesh was ‘missing’ UV data.

Assigning a zero-filled array to vertexData.uvs did the trick. Still…

As the library allows creation of custom meshes without UVs, wouldn’t it make sense to make Mesh.increaseVertices() work on such meshes?

Also, the doc says that the numberPerEdge parameter is optional, but this doesn’t seem to be correct.

Thanks! :slight_smile:

Both points make sense. Unless you want to do a PR I will do changes next week.

I’ve never done a PR here but there’s always a first time I guess :slight_smile:
If no one is in a rush I could probably do that next week.

I will leave it to you then. Any problems let me know. Reference this topic when you submit the PR.

PR submitted here. @JohnK let me know if there’s anything else I should do.

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Nothing as far as I know, the core team will check it out.

PR merged :slight_smile: