Pre-recorded video in WebXR or Babylon Native

Can I feed in pre-recorded video in AR mode in BabylonJS or BabylonNative ? Let’s say I am doing Marker based AR. Can I do it on recorded video ?

I am not totally sure to understand, do you mean for the AR view ???

cause in this case it sounds more like you need VR ?

It goes back to one of my old question. I have an AR Glass that has Camera and IMU in it. It uses USB protocol. Was thinking if somehow Babylon could be used to build apps for it with just a wrapper. I thought if I could make Babylon run on custom sensor/stream data instead of device sensor, then it would make it easy.

Are AR glass not supporting webXR or webVR ?

They don’t have a processor on its own. The mobile phone does the computation and send back the data through USB.

ohhhh I see but why a recorded Video then as I guess you d have a stream instead ?

yea. i was thinking, if it would work for recorded video, it will work for stream.

You should only need to replace the videoTexture in the playground you shared in your first post by a VideoTexture created from your stream.


How to replace mobile IMU data with the one from USB ?

It depends if they are even available to your browser ?

If no → no way
If yes → you will need to drive a camera from it like you would do from other inputs.

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