WebXR using external cameras

I have been thinking about some off the beaten path uses Babylon’s AR capabilities. I had a few questions regarding alternative setups that push beyond the average android phones abilities:

  1. I know Google has a process that manufacturers must follow to build custom cameras, and camera profiles, for mobiles so they work with ARCore, but I was curious if anyone knows what that process is and if its possible for users to build and sideload a custom profile (or spoof an existing) so a camera not officially supported by Google’s certification process would work with ARCore - thus WebXR, thus BabylonJS’s AR system.

  2. Given Microsoft’s support of Babylon, and initiatives like Hololense which is an AR tech, are there Windows (or Linux) implementations of WebXR that don’t rely on ARCore or ARKit so native Windows (or Linux) can use a standard (or custom rigged) camera as the tracked video source for Babylon’s AR system?

  3. Are there any other ideas on how to allow a higher resolution camera and/or more powerful machines than a mobile phone / tablet to leverage Babylon’s AR system at this point?

I’ll cc @RaananW :slight_smile:

These are all good questions. To which I sadly don’t have answers…

BabylonNative supports WebXR, but still uses ARCore and ARKit under the hood (and @bghgary will correct me if I am wrong :slight_smile: ). AFAIK there is no implementation of WebXR that doesn’t use the core libraries under the hood. There are AR frameworks (like 8th wall) that have their own implementations. I don’t have a lot of experience with these frameworks, so I can’t really say if they support external inputs.