Presenting: NYNS!

What do you get if you combine frustration, sleep, a person who doesn’t care about the norm, and a fps? Nyns! Nyns stands for Not Your Normal Shooter, and it definitely isn’t!

Nyns plays like normal fps, where you shoot your weapon at enemies, other players, or targets. But it becomes unique in the movement. In Nyns you can’t use WASD to move (or anything bound to move) but instead you use your weapon. “But it plays like a normal fps?” you ask, in which I respond, “Yes, but if you miss your shot, you will teleport to where your shot landed.”

Nyns was made by an idea of removing normal movement entirely, as I was working on a normal fps, but the player kept sliding down slopes and hills.

No demo available right now, but it will come soon.

Updates will be posted here! Updates will also be at Probably weekly.


haha love the idea…Can’t wait to see it

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Honestly, I wanted to release it today as like a “joke,” but then come out and make it a legit thing. I just don’t have much done yet.

You should make it if you teleport into someone you die not them.

So that way you have to think about doing it before you do.

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The way it plays out is like if you hit somebody, it acts like normal and you don’t teleport. As an example, have you ever play and CoD game? In some maps people camp with snipers, and sometimes in high places. Normally, if they miss, they can try to hit that enimie again since they have no idea where they got shot from. In Nyns, if they miss, they are teleported to their shot, most likely close to their target. Then a pistol battle ensues.

Another idea that I had was like you could stop a shot, causing the shooter to teleport to you so you could melee them. That you be cool. Just like how in Superhot you can grab the bullets and pull a return to sender.

Yeah but what happens when you hit the ground at their feet or the wall that’s right behind them and both occupy the same space. The guy that shot should die.

Or you repulse both players randomly from that point or the guy you do that to dies… there might be more options but I’d go with the you don’t materialize and die route.

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What if you shot at their feet. They could be impulsed upward. If you shoot the wall next to them, they would be impulsed away.

Thanks for the ideas! This is exactly what I was hoping to get. I’ll have to update my website.

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The repulsing thing would be cool too especially if you had environmental damage areas.

I just left for a week long business trip to Cupertino, when I get back I’d love to see where this is heading.

you standing on ledge next to lava
somebody shoots behind you
you get impulsed away from the ledge

your reaction:

Thanks for the encouragement!

maybe this will be motivation for myself to not ditch a project. (been there, done that. too many times)

Add a secondary ability to use a tether that actively moves you incrementally in a displayed to everyone direction.

Check out “a story about my uncle” something like that tether

And now you got a competitive game.

Woah there.

I’m working on the shooting mechanics right now. Then multiplayer. Then I can be “lazy” and play a video game, which will be Nyns.

I’ll work on post-secondary abilities later. But thanks for the idea! (website updated yet again)

If you need help with any mechanics hit me up next week when I’m back at home.

And depending on how arcade feeling you are trying to go or retro I might have maps, player and weapon models I can kick down.

Cool! thanks for the… uh… recommendation? suggestion? offer? offer. offer fits well.

thanks for the offer!

Btw, in my earlier development, I actually implemented shot “popping.” You could shot in the air, then “pop” the shot to teleport to it. Was fun to fly around.

Edit: position: after last post

Maps, player, and weapon models? If I make them, they will be as basic as a cube. with another cube. and another. and another. (you get the idea)

I’ll let you know if I could use help! Thanks for the offer!

I love your concept idea ahah!

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