S Y N T H A X - Demo video

Hey friends!

Few of you maybe know me, most of you don’t. 2 years ago a very naive me wanted to try and make a game again and made the best decision I could - choosing BabylonJS. The BJS creators and the community here are truly the best there are, no questions.

I’ve asked questions (some good, some stupid :slight_smile: ), I contributed to Babylon itself, but I’ve never really showed what I am working on!

With that said, back to S Y N T H A X - fast and tactical multiplayer arena shooter played from 3rd-ish PoV. I haven’t worked on it for about 6 months now because, obviously, so many things were happening, but also because I felt a bit burnt out. I focused on other things and knew that the energy will be back - and it is! :slight_smile:

I believe a video speaks a thousands words, so here is a short one from a quick game me and my girlfriend played yesterday for about 30 minutes.

The game is still in a very early stage, but it’s already playable. I don’t like duplication and I’ve already written all about it on the presentation site https://synthax.gg. Please check it if you are interested to see more.

Making a multiplayer game alone is very hard, so if you like what you see and would like to participate and help me test the game from time to time, please let me know here, on the S Y N T H A X Discord or on any social media. I would absolutely LOVE to play with any of you!

If you’ve read all the way to here, thank you! I will need all the enthusiasm and energy to make the game amazing.

I hope everyone is safe during these trying times.

Take care and thanks again!



This is insanely coool !!! and need to be showcased on the babylon website @PirateJC

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Firstly -

Incredibly kind statement! I couldn’t agree more about this community being the best there is!

Synthax looks incredible! I can’t wait to play it! In fact…maybe I’m being dense, but I couldn’t find a link to play it? Did I miss it on your site?

Also - How would you feel about me adding this to the community page and the game page on Babylonjs.com?



well, it’s true! :slight_smile:

There is no link yet, unfortunately. It’s still early to let it out, but if you join the discord I will probably be doing a round of testing with more people, and would love to have y’all there!

I would be absolutely honored, I did not expect that at all.

Thanks for all the kind words from you and @sebavan! It means a lot.

This is live now!


This looks so cool! Awesome work!

Following you on twitter, waiting for updates :slight_smile:

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That’s amazing, thank you!

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Thanks for the kind words!

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This is AWESOME! Truly love it


I found some old screenshots showing the progress if anyone is interested, chronologically:

I’ve had way more but they seem to be corrupted after I transitioned to new mac.


Love seeing how things progress from humble beginnings. Gives me hope for my own projects that still look a little tacky :smiley:

Such a cool aesthetic you’ve got going as well, amazing

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I say ‘YUP’ :yum: The kind of quality in project BJS needs and deserves

I appreciate this approach… and if I find some time here or there I will try follow and may be also do some alpha testing. Can’t promess but I’m really tempted. GG.

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A little something I would title YOU SHALL NOT PASS :slight_smile:

Oh, just how many times I have used this trick in games when under pressure. It sometimes still works today;)

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New ability joined the game :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:!

EMP bot that disables HUD and distorts camera to all players who have the bot in their frustrum when it explodes.