Preview and cdn


I have a problem using BABYLON.Quaternion.FromUnitVectorsToRef since today

With “”, it works and with

"“”, it does not and the error in the console is :


I don’t understand why. Could you help me ?



only exists on our latest preview not in the 4.2 release so you will find it in preview but not cdn.

Ok, and do you know when the 5.0 release will be available ?

There is a thread about that. I thought it was 4/22

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This is probably the thread you’re referencing @JCPalmer ?

Current “release date” for 5.0 is April 28th 2022. That’s when we’ll move the preview build of 5.0 to the stable build.

That said, we’re shipping 5.0 to preview every week, actually more like every day. :slight_smile:

It’s a goal of the dev team to ensure that the preview build of Babylon is cutting edge, but also bug free and reliable. Most developers who use Babylon, actually point to preview because of our obsession with ensuring quality and backwards compatibility in every release.

Hope this helps!


Thank you for your answer!

I have one more stupid question, where I can found documentation for 5.0 (even in draft version) and which NPM packets I have to use (I am using TypeScript as main development language)?

ALL questions are welcome here!

There’s no separation between documentation for 5.0 and 4.2. We are just updating the docs as we make changes and add features.

However you can reference the what’s file in the preview release to see what specifically is being added for 5.0:

For the NPM packets question we’ll have to bring in someone much smarter than myself. @sebavan


the doc is always deployed for the latest preview :slight_smile: on

About the packages you will have latest as long as you install babylon on the preview tag like:

npm install @babylonjs/core@preview