BabylonJS 5 milestones planning


Is there already an estimated release date or a sort of milestones scheduling for BabylonJS 5?

I would like to come back to work or maybe re-study (since I have a tiny memory :blush:) with Babylon, but I am wondering if it worth to wait some weeks/months and jump directly into 5.0, since I read that a lot of new things should be introduced/changed.

Thank you.

Hey @killkrt ! We are shipping release of v5 every week :slight_smile: And they are pretty stable so you can use them right now

For the official release we are aiming to April 2022


So sorry we have missed the post entirely :frowning: GG @Deltakosh

I am not sure I need milestones, but some expected things which are currently known would be nice to have.

Adding @PirateJC amd @thomlucc for the list

Hi @killkrt - You have a high level answer here: Babylon 5 roadmap? - Questions - Babylon.js (

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Thank you for your all replies!
It is always a pleasure to write here in this community! :+1: