Pro book shelf recommendations? (...and a dark secret)

I have a secret to confess :flushed:

I have blurred out this handsome pirate man to draw attention to this bookshelf, which I have secretly been stealing books from.


So far one of the best books I have gotten from this bookshelf is “Physics for Game Developers”

So that I no longer have to shamefully steal books in secret, I would love it anyone who is interested could chime in with their favorite book recommendations that they think would be helpful to babylon.js-style development!


(Also, while certainly welcome, I’m looking more for books specific to game dev and not necessarily some of the great ones like “code complete” and “clean code” which are more generic to good code but not necessarily game dev, because I have already shamefully pretended to read many of these classics)

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hahaha lovely, the pirate man will love it for sure (@PirateJC)

One book I recommend as well: WebGL Insights (9781498716079): Cozzi, Patrick: Books

Disclaimer: I wrote one chapter :wink:

LOL! The more you blur a pirate, the more mysterious they become! Just saying!

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As far as I know @jelster is currently writing extremely interesting book which title will be something like “How to develop games with Babylon.js” (printed version due to be published in 2021).

The game which will be the example for this book is currently in development at GitHub - jelster/space-truckers: A game of getting stuff from Point A to Point B... IN SPAAAACCE! , you are welcome!

Here is one of the our visual sketches:


Yes! I’ll be able to give more details in the next few months, but hopefully it will gain a place of honor on many peoples’ bookshelves!

One of my favorite game Dev books is This one. I read the 3rd Ed additions and will probably be picking it up, as I have the 2nd Ed from about 10 years ago :laughing:


$144 :astonished:



Ahhhh you guys are great!! Thanks so much for volunteering your favorite books (and in some cases, writing them!!!) Much appreciated!

(If anyone stumbles in here later, please keep adding to this!)

Disclaimer: I make no money out of it so free version is super fine :smiley:


The information is free, we just pay for the artisan tree harvesting