Problem Changing Point Colors in PointsCloudSystem Through Material

I’m working with PointsCloudSystem and have encountered an issue where I cannot change the colors of the points through the material. I am aware that the color of each point can be set individually in the particle.color property within the addPoints method, but for my use case, I need to control the point colors through the material instead.

Here’s a link to my Playground where I’ve set up the PCS and material:

Any advice on how to achieve color changes through the material for PCS points would be greatly appreciated!

Just trying to understand your case better, why does it need to be through the material?

I experimented a bit and found one possibility is using Material Plugin: Basic Point Cloud with Plugin Material | Babylon.js Playground (

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Oh, thanks to @sebavan , now I know it is possible with a ShaderMaterial too, but it needs to set gl_PointSize: Basic Point Cloud | Babylon.js Playground (

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Thank you so much, that helped a lot! I used material because I wanted to use emissiveColor to use glow effect etc. Are there any options without using material?

Not sure to understand what you are asking as you need a material to render a mesh. This is representing the shader we are using under the hood.

She asked me why I need get it done through material, so I asked liked that

Oh, I was just asking because I was curious why particle.color couldn’t be used :sweat_smile: