Problem with Animation of Imported Mesh

I imported a mesh and tried to play the animation but I’m unable to do so. Here’s a pic of the code and inspector:

I do not know why it does not work, I never work with AnimationGroups yet.

I use createAnimationRange(), beginAnimation() instead

An example that I had done a long time ago. I copied the animations of a skelette to apply them on another model. I do not know if that can help you.

Sorry for not being able to help anymore, I do not know how to use AnimationGroups.

Okay. I’ll try something simpler.

Are you able to see animations after uploading the model to Sanbox?

Yes I am able to see it. I figured out the solution:

scene.animationGroups[3].play(true); <— For the animation that you want to play!

True parameter is for loop, it should work without it too, but will run the animation only once :yum:

Before, your animations were played once and you did not have time to see the animation before the model was fully loaded.
Now adding the parameter true, the animation is looped, so therefore continues once your model loads. It seemed strange to me that it does not work.

Oh yeah. My mistake, haha.

Yeah. Pretty stupid of me, lol.