Problem with BJS and CesiumJS based on "Integrate BJS with CesiumJS"

I tried this integrate-bjs-with-cesiumjs solution to integrate BJS with CesiumJS, then I changed the code like this,because I would like to place the BJS scene origin at the same position as CesiumJS scene.

Based on this,I import a mesh, but I found the mesh blurring like this,I tried FxaaPostProcess,but not work, how can I fix this?

It is quite weird to have such kind of “blur”, I’m not really sure but if it works fine before change the code, it may be the huge position numbers that cause this.

Thanks very much for your reply, may be the reason you come up with is right, this situation is really weird.

So is there any other way to unify the two world coordinate systems in BJS and CesiumJS?

Based on your code, if I want to import more meshs to different geographical coordinates,I need to do complicated transforms, is there any simple way to do this thing?

You can just add all your meshes to root_node like the box and the ground in the demo, they can be thought as the one with position(0,0,0) in bjs coordinate. you can think that the face y = 0 in bjs coodinate is the tangent plane that intersects with the earth on the only point defined by lng and lat in cesium coordinate.
I’m not good at english so hope I describe this clearly.


Thanks for your answer, it helps a lot!!! :+1: :+1: :+1: