Problem of real mesh position using BJS to Blender Exporter

Hello guys,

when I add some meshes in blender and I use BJS exprter to append the meshes into my scene,
there is a mistake in meshes position (an offset).
also in scale, when I scale my object in blender, if scale it <0.0001 it doesn’t appear in BJS but I can see it in blender, I added a text mesh in blender and then it doesn’t loaded
: WARNING: The following object (type - FONT) is not currently exportable thus ignored

any idea ?

thank you

Pinging @JCPalmer or @Vinc3r

Usually for realtime workflow be sure your objects transforms are applied. For example in Blender, scale always should be to 1


If not: 3DView > Object > Apply > Scale

What dimensions your object have after reducing it by 10 000 times? If it comes to micrometers scale, that’s maybe you can’t see it once in BJS.

About your error, I think the warning is enough explicit right? :smiley: Note that you can convert your object into mesh, but then not be able to edit the text: 3DView > Object > Convert to > Mesh

@Vinc3r about scale I need to change it because I have different meshes with different scales I need to change scales to make them consistence .
about object yes it has micrometers scale

The reason for scale being 0 is the exporter only exports up to a certain precision, specified by geo type (Mesh, normals, UV, Vertex Colors & Matrix Weights).

The location / rotation / scale use the default for anything else, which is 4. Probably not affecting much upping this, but could have side effects like increasing size of file a lot when animating.

I will not be working on this program for a while. In the meantime, you might select all your meshes and apply rotation before you export. If you wish to still maintain this is the .blend, DO Not save file.

In addition, you will need to bump up your precision for meshes to make that work around work.

@JCPalmer I use BJS Exporter 5.6.4 cuz I use blender 2.79, I tried version 6.1.1 but it doesn’t work under blender 2.79, so in my version there is no options u talking about

@JCPalmer please how about the position of meshes why it is not in their real place why is there an offset .

thank you

In 2.79, those values are in the scene properties tab.

I do not know about movement of location, but could be a difference between Blender & BJS. Is the origin of the meshes in the center of the the “body”?

Yep so scale them, then 3DView > Object > Apply > Scale

@JCPalmer yes I have an 3d emergency button in blender with 3 subMeshes I make an origine parent in the center of the object but when I export in to BJS the position is not the same in blender there is an offset I don’t know why !


this is in blender :

this is in BJS in local


in Blender I should inter the push button inside stair to be visible in BJS !

When mixing scales, origin of meshes can be very important. It would probably be good that the origin of your button, and probably all meshes be in the center of mass.

In the old Blender you are using:

  1. Select mesh & enter edit mode
  2. select all vertices
  3. Bring up the snap menu, Shift-s
  4. Pick Cursor to Selected
  5. Change to Object mode
  6. Bring up the set origin menu, Shift-Ctrl-Alt-c
  7. Pick Origin to 3D Cursor

For Blender 2.80

  1. Select mesh
  2. Right-click & pick Set Origin->Origin to Center of Mass (Surface)