Problem with CSG

Hello everyone,

I want to make hole on the plate, for this I use CSG but I want to make lot of hole on one plate. If I make many hole the time for Babylon make this hole is very very long.
For the playground just add “.subtract(hole[2])” on line 25 or more (just change the number) if you are patient

If you have a solution or idea to fix this problem, it would be perfect!

Sorry for my bad english, if you don’t understand something don’t hesitate to ask me, and i can explain in french.

Thank you for your help.

csg might be slow as it is cpu intensive, could you not serialize the result of the CSG to reuse it later on ???

Using clones and merging meshes before CSG can speed things up

In this case the ‘holes’ you merge do not overlap

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It’s perfect. It’s fine with me.
Thanks a lot.

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