Problem with opacity texture while using multimaterial

Currently, I am trying to apply two material on the box one gold and one glossy using multimaterial.First I apply gold material over which there is a glossy material.I am trying to apply a opacity texture on the gloss material which becomes transparent where “HELLO” is written and I can see below gold material over there.But I am unable to get this working.

Playground link:Babylon.js Playground

You should set the transparencyMode on the glossy material:

But if I change the order of material like first glossy and then gold above it then it should be like gold covering entire box but due to transparencymode this cant be done.So what to do in such case?

Because the glossy material is transparent, it is displayed after the gold material.

If you want “hello” to be white and the other parts of the texture be gold, you should invert your mask (background=black and “hello”=white).