Progress Bar for Babylon Viewer

Nothing serious, just simple example :slight_smile:
Actually it doesn’t show real progress percentage - but it really shows to users the loading progress of all elements: engine, scene, model.
Progress bar has 3 “crossover points” with values which you can set according to your specific application.
Overlay image is specified in ‘babylon’ DOM element (just to show how it is possible) - but you can put in in usual CSS for even better results.
There is definitely a lot of ways to improve this small script (as well as create other versions), so I put it on GitHub.


This is awesome! thanks for sharing!

@labris hello
i want to implement the babylon js viewer inside my client side web app ( blazor web assembly ) . can i ask some question about how to use the viewer in my app , or in general how should i use the library in the first place ? thanks


Questions are welcome :slight_smile:
But I think it would be better to ask your question in separate thread.

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@labris thanks a lot in advance .
but how can i find your id in another thread to ask , or is it possible to send you a message ?

You can send me PM or create the new topic with your question and add @labris below in text so I will know about it. The second way is preferrable because maybe somebody will be able to answer your question better than me and this information could be useful for future.

@labris i will do it .