Progress: paint the landscape with robots

Hi There,

Continuing to work on my webxr (VR) human-swarm interaction simulator (for lack of a better term). I’d like to share a little milestone that I’m proud of: you can now walk up to “an architect robot” and it will “latch” on to you and follow you around. So, while you’re walking in the space, depending upon which architect robot you latch onto, it will create elements of the landscape behind you. So, e.g., if you latch onto the water robot, as you walk forward, it will create lakes behind you. Here is some preliminary documentation:

I continue to be obsessed with babylon; it is such a great system for making stuff like this.

Questions welcome.


This looks AWESOME!

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Thank you! It’s pretty fun in there. There’s basic multiplayer functionality. But, my next move is to give the player more direct control over the boids (small robot swarm) they are assigned when the log in.

I want to play it now :slight_smile: