Catch and release with XR controls

Hello everyone, does anyone by chance have the link to this playground?
I found this article in medium (WebVR/XR — The future is here. Building an immersive application today… | by Babylon.js | Medium) that just shows in its first photo something very similar to what I want to do.

<img src="*CApZGqaWlzXFGqmw.gif"> 

Maybe @ryantrem or @PirateJC knows where to find an equivalent ?

@RaananW is off for the holidays and will answer in Jan in the worst case

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Thanks Sebavan!
I found this sandbox ( which is also very interesting and works with physics and quest controls, I am trying to adapt this.


Hi @Gustavo_Font , you might find this demo interesting as well - Babylon VR rythym | Babylon.js Playground (

Will be happy to see what you are making! :slight_smile:

Hi @raananW, I hope you have a great 2022!
Thanks for the link, now I am working on several projects related to Babylon. One of them is Do you know him?
It is a platform of virtual spaces in the frameVR style but more focused on face-to-face contact through videoconferences within 3D spaces.
And another, for which I have consulted you the most, is a work in progress designed for Oculus quest. You can see what it is about here (Dome).
The latter has an educational purpose for construction workers with iron beams, it still has many things to improve. If you want to try it, you can walk using the left joysitck and sit or stand using the X button. Most of the actions must be performed sitting.

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