Project site updated

Hey all!! - Site that helps with mental health

Resource, About & Chat section (HTML/PHP)
Landing Page & Games section (BJS)

Memory Game categories:
Black Innovators
Latin Innovators
Native American Chiefs
Asian Rulers
State Capitals

Feedback is greatly appreciated as far as look of site as well as functionalty of the games(want to make sure Imgur file is working)…looking forward to putting this out as a beta test soon.

:heart: :purple_heart:,

Hi! Looks like a nice start. Keep at it!

I would say as someone new to your site it might be helpful to have more information about your site right on the home page rather than having to click around to find out more.

Try to use the same fonts and styles everywhere. The text in the forms has too much kerning, space between each letter.

The game animation could be faster, and the tiles are too small to read what they are about.

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Thank ya so very much Sir @owen :blush:
My bestie also mentioned placing site info on page so Im working on making the middle mesh the info section and the button near the globe will be resources.

Also testing out the game PG with different speeds and sizes. Will work fonts and styles as well!!