Website - mini game

Hello, this is my first topic here. I would like to show you my website using babylon.js. To test the game, you have to click the game icon in the upper right corner.

Thank you.


Do you happen to have an english version ?

It would be awesome featured on the website.

can’t agree more

Hi, I will add english version in a few days.


Hello, I added the English language version.


Could you create a PR to add it into our Website ? This is a really nice experience :slight_smile:

Hello, I uploaded source code on GitHub. Can I ask for advice, what could I improve? I would be grateful. Thank you.

I like as it is a really good complete experience created with Babylon. The code is clean and simple to read. I am really thinking we could reference it in the doc as well ? and please feel free to add it to the website it really deserves its place there.

GG !!!

I like the fact that the website is still light to load despite a game running in the background, nice!

When we’re on the settings page we don’t have “back” button.

It will be an honor to add it to your website. Do I have add a specific title and photo to Pull Request? I’m not sure how to do it.
@Vinc3r I added back button on the settings page. Thank you.

You can create a PR to the website repo by modifying here:

You can dupplicate one of the article tag and add a 800*500 png in the screenshots folder.

We ll also need to find and amazing place in the documentation to reference your repo :slight_smile:

In the same way we have the “Off-Site Tutorials List”, we may have a new page called for example “Off-Site Applications List”, what do you think?

Notice that this will probably be a duplication of the welcome page of - but showed in an other way - , so it may be not necessary in the end?

Sounds good :slight_smile:

Let s check with @PatrickRyan here if he has got some ideas where we could put links to github repos using Babylon which can help inspiring others during their devs ?