Quest 2 performance question

I have created a playground to stress test my Quest 2 here:

It creates a number of dense spheres with pbr materials, and as expected the performance in the Quest 2 is very low.

While I can see from the google dev tools that the gap between actually rendering frames is large, I cannot see the exact reason:

From the data it looks like both the GPU and CPU usage is very low and there isn’t much indication of why the frame time is low.
If I had to guess, I would suggest the GPU it taking much longer than is shown in the data.

Is there any way I can confirm this? Am I using the Chrome performance debugger wrong in this context?

Here is the actual performance data from chrome’s remote debugger if anyone can help: (133.6 KB)


C. @RaananW as I do not know what is available on quest to troubleshoot

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I think @RaananW may have missed the ping so I’ll reping


Sorry! missed that and just came back from some time off.

The best way to check this issue is using the OVR metrics tool - OVR Metrics Tool Stats Definition Guide: Unity | Oculus Developers which will show you in real time what takes so long

It does seem like a GPU issue. Tested the scene in my quest (1), the CPU usage was roughly 14%, but GPU was at 90+% (and FPS was ca. 15)