[Question about can audio not play when using with s3 url]

Hi every body, i’m creating the feature play audio with url of audio from s3 server but seem it not play the sound in my scene.
Here my playground.
Question about sound extension in babylonjs | Babylon.js Playground
In the previous questions, i have the same problem with SceneLoader.ImportMeshAsync and in that case i can pass ‘.glb’ extension of the file through the 6th parameter. Can i do the same with Sound class
Thanks for reading my question and hopefully somebody can help me!

cc @docEdub

doing it in this roundabout way works for some reason

idk why it happens but here’s a workaround

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If the url is not a blob then the Sound class checks the url for a known sound file extension like .mp3 .ogg .wav, etc, and won’t play the sound if a known extension isn’t found. You can skip this check by setting the skipCodecCheck option to true.

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thank you, it is great solution

thank you, it’s work for me

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