[Question about is Babylonjs support any features to create emoji floating on top of characater]

Hi every one, i am newbie of babylonjs.
Now i want to create features like sending emoji between characters in room. Does babylonjs support any features to create float emoji on top of the character
If you know or have other solution. Please tell me. Thanks for reading my question!


Do yo want 3D emojis (meshes) or flat emojis (images)?

with more emojis:

Uses the SpriteManager with a sprite sheet. In the render loop it synchronizes the sprite position with the mesh position. Quite simple.



Thank you, because if i want to use your solution, i have to has png of all emoji. So i use another solution is creating a plane and drawtext on that plane. And set hasAlpha of meterial is true ^^

Yes, you can create the texture dynamically of course :wink:

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