Question about position and absolute position

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I’m fighting with position and absolute position of a mesh. What I really do not understand is why the positions and absolute positions are not the same if the mesh has no parent even if we change the origin.

Here’s a PG to show you :

I’d like that my red sphere that shows the absolute position of the mesh and my green sphere that shows the position of the mesh would be in the same place.

I’m sure, i’m doing a mistake but i really do not understand how to manage these concepts (positions, absolute positions, pivot points). I’ve read the docs but i do not understand all, especially when i have to recompute the matrix of the object or bake the current transformation.

EDIT : I have to precise that i want the origin of the mesh at the right back corner.

If you could help me…

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The absolute position is set to the last three values (4th column) of the mesh’s world matrix: Babylon.js/transformNode.ts at master · BabylonJS/Babylon.js ( Since you set a pivotMatrix, this introduces values in this 4th column: Position vs absolutePosition | Babylon.js Playground (

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Ok, thanks for your anwer @carolhmj

In my playground, how can i put the origin of my mesh at the right back corner (green sphere) AND have the same position and absolute position (position of the red sphere = position of the green sphere)?