setAbsolutePosition after parenting

Hello here !

I do not understand what is going on here?

If someone can explain to me why the spheres are not at the same position?
What if I reverse lines 27 and 28 it works ??

Thank you!

Hello and welcome!
This is because the setAbsolutePosition is not triggering the matrix computation
This is done by line #30 here:

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Okay! Thanks for answering!
I understand well!
So why is it not done automatically?

And so, after the fact, I was wondering what was the right behavior if the hierarchy was deeper? Should the computeWorldMatrix be applied across the entire chain?
I have commented on lines that are not useful … In fact, one in two works … and vice versa
Is this normal?

Thanks again to you and have a nice day!

As far as I understand it, and I am no expert, it is done automatically but during the rendering phase not the interpretation phase.

using computeWorldMatrix forces when the calculation is done.

@JohnK is right. It will be done during the next frame rendering
We try to reduce all expensive operations. Computing matrices is one of them.