Question how to attach stored Quatrernion-Data properly to a mesh? :)

Hi Guys,
I actually try to save a Mesh’s orientation in a MYSQL-Database, to make a set of Meshes storeable (like a save function). In fact I thought: “Well, so let’s just get the meshes quaternion-data (x,y,z,w) and actually save the data.” Everyhting works fine but I could not figure out so far how I can reattach this quaterniondata to my mesh.

I actually load it from my database, and got the data in my scene, I try to do:
mesh.Quaternion = new BABYLON.Quaternion(0, stored_y, 0, stored_w);

But yeah - It does not work, so I am off the opinion that I have got something wrong here - is there a different way I have to attach the Quaternion to the mesh in the scene or am I plain wrong with this approach? :slight_smile: Console throws the right data but mesh still is orientated in a “wrong” direction.

Actual Data is:

_isDirty: true
_w: 0.935897
_x: 0
_y: 0.352274
_z: 0

Mesh.rotationQuaternion should be the one :slight_smile:

:slight_smile: great, thanks a lot :slight_smile: