1 Mesh get displaying after Converting to Babylon File at other Place


in the last few Weeks i looked after the Reason, why 1 Mesh get displaying in three 3D Modles at other Place.

But till now i didn’t find anything. I have checked the Process of Beginning to the End. Till the Converting there are no Problems - the Model get showing in Blender and other 3D Programs fine without any misplacement. First after converting with the Babylon Exporter in Blender the Mesh get displaying at other Place.

Every 3D Model was 1 Month hard work and i need this fixed till end of Month… but have no Idea how to fix this. It looks like that there is primary a Problem at the Rotating.

I will attach the Pictures of the misplacement Elements.

Camera get placed at the top and looks at other Direction. But this should get Placed in the Frame and get rotaded 180 degree that the Camera looks to the Camera View Point.

I think that the marked Meshes get placed at other rotations + a litte bit at the axis.

I think that here the marked meshes get placed also at other rotations .

I really hope, that you can help me there.


Hi, try

mesh.rotationQuaternion = null; 

for the meshes which are not well rotated


thanks for your Answer.

This have no Effect. Standardly this Attribute is setted null.


i have now an Idea: I positionate the misplacet Meshes in the Script. There i founded the Function “setPositionWithLocalVector” and the Attribute rotation.

I have solved it now.

This was the Way:
Put the Coordinates (Position & Rotate) with the Script.

let mesh = this.scene.getMeshByID(object);
    mesh.setPositionWithLocalVector(new Vector3(x, y, z));
    let quaternion = new Quaternion.RotationAxis(new Vector3(x, y, z), angel);
    mesh.rotationQuaternion = quaternion;

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