Questions about online game servers

Hi guys, I have some questions about hosting game servers and decided to ask for help from the best community in the world! I would like to know the following, how much does it cost to host a game server? Is it possible to keep a game server on your computer? It is worth it ? if possible you could refer me to server hosting services, thank you to everyone who can help

what kind of services do you need your server to have ? or is it only static hosting ?

It is possible, especially if you target only local network. A lot of games have an option “Create a server” for LAN multiplayer. The bottleneck is Internet connection and free computing power.
Also, every game may have some specific requirements. Which game should serve your server?

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It kind of depends on what kind of game you are creating, as others kind of pointed out here:

  1. If multiplayer game, you will need to host a server to have players connect to each other. There are some exceptions for this, since you can technically make a game where you connect to each other with peer-to-peer connections and therefore you won’t need an actual server. But this would need the game to be kind of a co-op experience, I think.
  2. If singleplayer game, you do not need a server. You can just host it on a static services, like and such, or your own computer.