3D Multiplayer -- open source -- suggestions?

We are on the hunt for multiplayer games that are served from NodeJS. Got suggestions? The server will be on the same WiFi link as the players so low latency will be assured. Looking for something that is family appropriate; it could be racing, tank battle, turn-based strategy or RPG without too much blood.

We will deploy the server (for other applications) in small, remote resort-style locations. Since it will be there, I am curious about whether multiplayer games will be an attraction. Would like to try one or two to see whether there is a positive response.

It will be a mix of user types, mostly using smart phones.

All ideas welcome!


hello friend,

i am also interested in creating an open source networking engine for babylon, and have been looking into the subject

i think we need a system built on webrtc where we can have player-hosted games (where a browser acts as server) or alternatively use dedicated node servers, both are possible

i don’t yet have enough progress to have anything to show, however i’ve learned you have to decide if you want to make a realtime engine (least latency, full of approximations, like quake), or a deterministic engine (more latency, but reproduces exactly, like starcraft) – the two architectural directions don’t mix, they are mutually exclusive

i am personally most interetesed in making an engine to support realtime action games

of course it would be most awesome if we could make a networking engine to support both modes, but i’m not yet sure if that’s possible or feasible or sensical

if you have further ideas or discoveries on the subject, please share – hopefully we can collaborate on an open source solution in the near future

:wave: Chase

Chase, thanks for the awesome message. You have given me a lot to think about. The whole WebRTC effort is new to me. There are a lot of moving parts there! I will need to read it a couple more times before I even have something coherent to say.

One point might be relevant. These are folks who are generally on a phone. Usually untethered. I don’t want to burn up their battery for 45 minutes of entertainment.

Well, let me do some reading and think about this some more. I am glad you wrote this note and look forward to further discussions.

Hey there,

I have developed this multiplayer game which is served from nodejs. It is complete though it might need to be a little bit more polished. I am already hosting it in my own server.

PS : You may need to open the game in two tabs and join simultaneously to try the game.



Null, it looks very cool. Thank you for sending the pointer. I will check it out this weekend.

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Null, I checked it out. I opened two tabs but could never end up playing myself. I had wanted to see how that would feel. Nonetheless . . .

Technically really impressive and nice design. I also liked the way you set up the entry screens. A couple of glitches notwithstanding, I was able to figure out how to get going easily.

It is too high-powered for the small-screen battery-driven devices that my constituents will have mostly. The fan on my little Mac went to 11 during my test drive.

Hey! It’s great you had the time to check GCaps out!
Please let me know what the glitches are, I would love to fix them ( I already am working on some btw).
About the small screens you have the camera button which helps to fix the camera either in landscape or portrait ( Mobile was my target device ).

I do agree that the battery consumption is quite a lot and I do not have any solution on top of my head, but I agree that’s something which might not work your case, either way, thank you for considering it :slight_smile: